20yr old. Saulteaux. Scott. Gunn. Sicilian. Living in Regina, Saskatchewan.


"Men fear witches because they take their power from the earth without poisoning the soil."



Isn’t it crazy that some people just exist as boring white men???

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"Through the one-drop rule, blackness in settler colonial contexts is expansive, ensuring a slave/criminal status will be inherited by an expanding number of ‘black’ descendants. Yet, Indigenous peoples have been racialized in a profoundly different way. Native American-ness is subtractive: Native Americans are considered fewer in number and less Native, but never exactly white, over time. Our/their status as Indigenous peoples/first inhabitants is the basis of our/their land claims and the goal of settler colonialism is to diminish claims to land over generations (or sooner, if possible). That is, Native American is a racialization that portrays contemporary Indigenous generations to be less authentic, less Indigenous than every prior generation in order to ultimately phase out Indigenous claims to land and usher in settler claims to property."